When it comes to choosing a name for their little one, many parents are drawn to Italian names, even those without any Italian roots! Whether it’s a girl or a boy, we’ve got some of the cutest names that will just melt your heart.

Here’s a look at the top 25 Italian names that are trending in the US right now. We hope you are able to find a baby name that is absolutely perfecto for you and your family!

25. Alessandro (ah-lay-SAHN-droh)

Any parent who loves the name Alexander but wants a new and unique twist on it, Alessandro is the way to go! It’s the Italian variation of Alexander. Alessandro is also a very honorable name in Italian culture. Its origin meaning is “defending men.”

If you’re curious about any notable people with this name, there’s the Italian opera composer Scarlatti and the physicist Alessandro Volta, who is known for inventing the battery. And let’s not forget the handsome actor, Alessandro Nivola!

24. Andrea (ANN-dree-a) or (AHN-dree-a) or (ahn-DRAY-a)

Andrea is one of few gender neutral names on this list. While it’s traditionally a boys name, as the Italian origin meaning is “strong and manly,” Andrea is also considered to be a feminine spin on Andrew (another popular male name in several European cultures).

While this name has never been overly popular, it has remained in the Top 100 baby names consecutively since 1962, that was until it got booted out in 2013. Even though it lost its spot in the Top 100, Andrea still ranks relatively well at #134. Another selling point with this name is that parents can have a little bit of fun with the pronunciation. It can be pronounced as ANN-dree-a, AHN-dree-a, or even ahn-DRAY-a.

23. Antonio (AAN-to-nee-o)

Every child is considered a priceless gift, but Antonio is quite literally a “priceless gift” as that is the Spanish and Italian origin meaning behind the name. If this name sounds familiar, it’s because Antonio is also the Spanish and Italian variation of Anthony. This name was commonly used by Shakespeare and appears in five different plays. It’s always been a popular choice for parents in Spanish speaking countries, which is where the nickname Tonio came to be.

Even though Antonio is considered a Spanish, Italian name, its reach is far and wide. It’s been one of the top boy names in the US for a long time and remained in the Top 1000 since record-keeping started in 1880. In 2018 it climbed all the way into the #163 spot.

22. Aria (AHR-ee-ah)

No doubt about it, Aria will be a big hit in 2020. This name is already currently sitting in the Top 10 girls names in the US at #19. Aria is of Hebrew, Italian origin meaning “air, song, or melody.” According to Nameberry, in Italian culture, this name is considered to be a musical term for a melody or song, whereas the Hebrew variation means “lion.”

So why is this name so popular? We suspect it’s probably because it’s so light and airy, it’s unique, but not too far outside the box. Parents began using this name more regularly in 2000 and has quickly topped the charts ever since. It definitely helped that this name was featured in popular shows like Pretty Little Liars and Game of Thrones.

21. Bella (BELL-ah)

What better name for a beautiful baby girl than the name Bella, which has the Italian origin meaning “beautiful.” In fact, Bella is related to the word “beautiful” in several languages including Spanish, Italian, Latin, Portuguese, and Greek. Might we also point out that Belle in French is “beautiful.”

You’ll hear this name again later on in this list and that’s because it’s a diminutive of Isabella, as well as any other names with the suffix bella. Nameberry points out that essentially all names with “ella” are extremely trendy right now and Bella is one of them.

20. Carina (kah-REE-nuh)

Carina is quite an usual name, but it’s one that is catching the attention of parents all over America. This Italian name has the origin meaning “dear little one” which makes it an even sweeter choice for little girls!

Currently, this name isn’t exactly a show stopper on the charts but likely likely due to the fact that people began avoiding it after Hurricane Katrina. Now that enough time has passed between the disaster and now, we think this name is going to make a comeback.

19. Chiara (kee-AHR-a)

This Italian girls name means “light, clear.” Unlike some of the other names on this list, Chiara is completely and totally unique. While some people may draw similarities to other names like Claire, Cara, or even Keira, let’s be honest, there’s nothing else like it! It’s a very romantic and feminine name, perfect for a little girl.

One of the best things about Chiara is that it hasn’t quite blown up yet. While it’s the eighth most popular girls name in Italy, it’s still not very commonly used outside of Italian culture. So any America parents looking for something totally original, Chiara is a good choice.

18. Emilia (eh-MEE-lee-ah)

Emilia is a female name of Spanish, Italian, and Hungarian origin meaning “rival.” According to Nameberry, it’s the feminine form of the Roman clanae Aemilius. You might recognize it from Shakespeare’s Othello, as Emilia was the wife of Iago and the confidante of Desdemona.

This name has been steadily rising in popularity along with many other “Em” names. It’s often used as an alternative to the more common and traditional names, Emily and Emelia. It’s trendiness may also be due to the fact that one of the main characters from the hugely popular HBO show, Games of Thrones, is named Emilia Clarke.

17. Emiliano (e-MEE-lee-aa-no)

Yet another “Em” name, Emiliano is of Spanish and Italian origin meaning “work.” It’s their variation of Emil and remains a very traditional choice for little boys. While it’s not a show stopper by any means on the charts, it does rank well. In the year 2018, it landed just under the Top 200 boy names at #190.

Emiliano may have gained popularity in Spanish-speaking countries thanks to Emiliano Zapata Salazar who was a leading figure in the Mexican Revolution. According to Nameberry, he helped establish modern Mexico.

16. Francesco (FRAN-ches-ko)

This Italian male name is a variation of the name Francis. Nameberry writes that the inspiration behind Francesco comes from Pope Francis.

Thanks to the popularity of Francis, Francesco has enjoyed a steady climb into being one of the most popular boy names in Italy. It’s so well liked that there’s now a female version of the name, Francesca, which has also become a popular choice, not just in Italy, but around the world.

15. Giada (JAH-dah) or (jee-AH-dah)

Do you love the name Jade, but are looking for something a little more unique and cultural? Try the name Giada. It’s described by Nameberry as a “fresh spin on Jade.” Giada has been quietly popular among English-speaking countries for a long time now. This Italian variation is the perfect way to step outside the box, but not too far outside it.

Even though this is an Italian name, Giada has been popular in the US since 2007. Thanks is due to De Laurentiis Food Network show as the name began topping the charts soon after this show debuted. While it hasn’t made much progress on the charts since 2013, we think this name is going to make a major comeback in 2020!

14. Gianna (JAHN-ah)

Another “gia” name is Gianna, a name of Italian origin meaning “the Lord is gracious.” This name originated as a diminutive of Giovanna, the Latin feminization of John. According to Nameberry, the root name behind both of these is the Hebrew name Yochanen, which also means “the Lord is gracious.” Some of the common nicknames for Gianna are Gia, Gigi, and the English variation is Joanna.

While this name has long been popular in Italy, lately it’s gained a lot of traction outside of Italian culture. It’s known in the US for being a classic, traditional Italian name, but also one that Americans love to use. It made the Top 100 in 2006 and has been used by celebrities like Kobe Bryant, as well as Matt Damon and Mario Lopez who used the short-form Gia.

13. Giovanni (joh-VAHN-ee)

Giovanni is an Italian boys name with the origin meaning “God is gracious.” It also known as the Italian variation of John. Parents love this name because not only is it a traditional name, but it also somehow sounds very modern and fresh. The best of both worlds!

Italians are no stranger to this name, it can be found all over the country. Most notably, there are several well known people with this name, such as writer Boccaccio and the famous designer Versace (nn Gianni). In 2018, Giovanni ranked just under the Top 150 boy names at #144.

12. Giulia (JOO-lee-ah)

Giulia is a super unique name, but somehow it sounds familiar, right? That’s because it’s the Italian variation of Julia. The origin meaning behind this name is “youthful.”

American parents who are looking to be super unique and cutting edge might choose this name as a replacement for the more common place name, Julia. One celebrity who has already jumped on this bandwagon is Entourage actor Debi Mazar.

11. Isabella (ee-ZAA-bel-laa)

One of the reasons Isabella is so popular is because it’s cross-cultural. It’s a girls name of Hebrew, Spanish, and Italian origin meaning “pledged to God.” It is the Latin variation of Isabel, as well as another variation of Elizabeth, which originally came from the Hebrew name Elisheba. So much to keep track of here! All of these variations are appealing choices for parents. Both Isabel and Isabelle are popular. There’s even the Scottish version Isobel.

This name is hugely popular and has long been ranked as one of the top girl names. It was the number one girls name in the US in both 2009 and 2010. Nameberry suspects this might have been due to the Twilight movie franchise, as the lead character’s name was Isabella “Bella” Swan. Either way, this name is both modern and cultural with a feminine ring to it which is why so many parents choose this name for their baby girls.

10. Leonardo (loh-REHN-zoh)

Leonardo is of Spanish, Italian origin meaning “brave lion” making it the perfect choice for little boys! For centuries this name was only used in Latin culture as it was associated with the Italian Renaissance painter-scientist-inventor, Leonardo da Vinci. This is no longer the case as the name is now used all over the world, including the US.

This name is one of the most popular boys names of all time. In 2018, it made the coveted list of Top 100 boys names landing at #92. We may have famous actor Leonardo DiCaprio to thank for its popularity. Apparently he was given the name by his mother because she first felt him kick when she was looking at a da Vinci painting in the Uffizi Gallery in Florence.

9. Luca (LOO-kah)

While we’ve included this name on this list due to it’s popularity as a boys name, Luca is actually a unisex name. People began viewing Luca as gender neutral after actress Jennie Garth used it for her daughter. It’s popularity goes even further because it’s also considered a “place name” which is another popular trend around the world, even in Italy. If the spelling is changed to Lucca, it can represent the Italian city and join the club with other Italian place names for girls like Venezia, Roma, and Milana.

When used for boys, Luca is considered to be the Italian variation of Luke and Lucas. It’s Italian origin meaning is “man from Lucania.” The appeal of this name spreads far and wide as it’s now become a common choice for parents across Europe and America. The US charts reflect that because in 2018, Luca landed just outside the Top 100 boys names, ranking in at #106.

8. Matteo (mah-TAY-oh)

Matteo is a super popular Italian name as it’s the Italian variation of Matthew. The meaning of this name can be traced back to “gift of God.” While it might seem outside the box in the US, Matteo is becoming a much more attractive name to American parents as it moves further into mainstream nomenclature.

To see just how trendy this name is, in 2018, Matteo landed in the place of #196 when ranking all the boy names in the US. That’s pretty good considering the volume of names out there! It’s been used by the actor Colin Firth for his son, as well as Ricky Martin, the Benjamin Bratt’s and Tom Colicchio’s.

7. Mia (MEE-ah)

Mia is a female Italian, Scandinavian name with the origin meaning “mine or bitter.” This name has enjoyed a meteoric rise up the charts and is now among the 10 most popular girl names in the US! Mia even surpassed the name it originated from, Maria, and is considered the number 1 girls name beginning with the letter “M.”

According to Nameberry, the popularity behind this name is largely attributed to Mia Farrow (born Maria). This name entered the Top 1000 for the first time in 1964, the same year Farrow gained wide recognition for her work, particularly her role in Peyton Place. Other names similar to Mia are Nina, Maya, or even possibly Mary. It’s a traditional name, but also very simple and modern which may be why it appeals to so many parents. It’s also a very feminine name for little girls.

6. Romeo (ROH-mee-oh)

Romeo is an Italian boys name meaning “pilgrim to Rome, Roman.” This name was put on the map by William Shakespeare and one of his most famous plays of all time, the star-crossed lovers, Romeo and Juliet.

Prior to David and Victoria Beckham using this name for their son in 2002, Americans generally didn’t use this name. In fact, for the most part it was thought of as a very unusual name. After the Beckhams chose it, Jon Bon Jovi also used Romeo as the name for his son, making this name even more trendy!

5. Sienna (sien-NA)

As we’ve already mentioned, place names are a very hot trend that have been around for quite some time. Going off that, Sienna is inspired by the historic Tuscan city spelled Siena. Then Sienna became even more popular thanks to the American-born English actress, Sienna Miller. Other well recognized people who’ve used this spelling are newscaster Campbell Brown and Kevin James.

The origin meaning behind this traditional female name is orange-red color clay. While the meaning behind this name isn’t anything too special, it hasn’t slowed down it’s popularity. In 2018, Sienna ranked at #186 on the charts for girl names.

4. Stefano (ste-faa-NO)

Stefano should be a royal favorite because its Italian origin meaning is “garland, crown.” Similar to all the other names on this list, Stefano is a popular name in Italy, particularly in Rome, Italy. Nameberry compares it’s commonness to how often we hear the name Steve in the US. It’s been a long time traditional favorite in Italy. As a result, it’s become really trendy, especially for traditional parents.

This name is considered the Italian variation of Stephen.

3. Stella (ste-ELL-uh)

Another “ella” name on this list, Stella is of Latin origin meaning “star” which is where it was derived from. This name was coined by Sir Philip Sidney back in 1590 for his poem collection, Astrophel and Stella which translates to “the star lover and his star.” Unlike Stella, Astrophel never took off as a given name, but Stella certainly did!

Other popular names similar to Stella are Ella, Gabriella, and Isabella. Unlike these names, Stella is very earth and celestial which makes it really trendy for American parents. It currently sits in the #38 spot as one of the top girl names in the US, and we suspect it will only become more popular in 2020.

2. Vera (VEE-rah) or (VEH-rah)

This is one of the most adorable Italian names! In Italian, this given name means “truth.”

People who’ve helped shed light on this name are Vera Farmiga (actress) and Vera Wang (fashion designer). It was also made famous by the reality star and designer, Vern Yip, who chose this name for his daughter in 2011. He starred on the TLC reality show, Trading Spaces.

1. Vittoria (vee-TOH-ree-ah)

As you’ve probably already noticed, Vittoria is very similar to the long standing American name, Victoria. Nameberry says it’s the Italian variation. Its Latin meaning is “victory” and the male version of this name (which is also popular) is Vittorio.

This is a great choice for parents who love the name Victoria, but are looking for an exoctic twist or even just something different! Vittoria is an appealing Italian alternative.