Sewing is a bit of a lost art. However, more and more young people are bringing it back and are learning from their grandmothers, mothers, or even with just the help of the Internet! As someone who absolutely loves the thrill of choosing a pattern, buying fabric and sitting down to sew, I tend to hand make most of the baby gifts I give to friends. Not only do my friends love the trendy, high-quality fabric, they love getting blankets, bibs, burp cloths, and nursery curtains that match the colors or theme they’ve chosen! Not convinced you need to learn how to sew? Take a look on Etsy for some artisan baby products and then imagine you can sew those all yourself for a fraction of the cost of buying them! Whether you’re a seasoned seamstress or just starting out, check out these 10 FREE and easy patterns for babies and toddlers before heading to the fabric store to get your craft on!

10. Hooded Towel – Bunny and Fox

I grew up using one these that my mom had sewn for me and to this day, it’s one of my mom and my favorite gift to sew for mamas-to-be. It’s so practical, but also far cuter than just a normal towel! Hint: Simply buy a new towel from a store instead of paying more for terrycloth at a fabric store. It’ll save you money and still be totally adorable wrapped around your babe.

Photo and Tutorial By: Rebecca Page

9. Bandana Bib

Babies are so drooly and many mamas actually keep a bib of some sort on them all the time once teething starts. While bigger bibs are definitely required once your baby starts eating solid foods, these bandana bibs are far more stylish while they’re younger! This pattern is a personal favorite and is very quick to sew, so it’s easy to make a whole bunch of them! Bonus: It’s a great scrap-busting pattern to use up leftover pieces from larger sewing projects. Sewing for someone else’s child? Chose fabrics in neutral colors but with different patterns to add texture and ensure it’ll go with many outfits!

Photo and Tutorial By: SeeKateSew

8. Easy Felt Animal Masks

Do you have a little one who loves dress-up? This pattern for felt masks is adorable and includes four patterns so your toddler can be a unicorn, dragon, fox, or deer while their playing in their make-believe world. Or better yet, whip one of these up for Halloween for an easy DIY costume!

Photo and Tutorial By: Rebecca Page

7. Bunny Ears Teething Rattle

These simple teething toys are cuter than the average rattle but just as useful! The cotton (I’d use organic since it’s going in baby’s mouth) and minky fabrics are soft on swollen gums and the fabric part of the toy can come off for a good wash when required. You can also soak the fabric in cold water (much like you’d do with a cold washcloth!) for baby to suck on to help ease the pain even more!

Photo and Tutorial By: Petit Bout De Chou

6. Universal Shopping Cart Cover

The need to get groceries doesn’t stop when you have a baby, but it certainly gets more difficult! Take one worry away by sewing one of these shopping cart covers that is guaranteed to fit any and all sized carts. It’ll make the ride softer and more comfortable for your little one and you don’t need to worry about sanitizing it before you grab your groceries! Plus, it’s super cute!

Photo and Tutorial By: Lil Blue Boo

5. Baby Nest

Baby nests are quite popular in Sweden but have been growing in popularity in North America in recent years. This pattern is for a homesewn equivalent of a DockATot and is perfect for supervised lounging, tummy time, changing, playing, and resting. But it’s way cheaper to make your own than pay a premium to buy one in stores! Plus you can choose fabric that goes with your home or nursery aesthetic – bonus!

Photo and Tutorial By: Yuki Clothing

4. Universal Pacifier Clip

Pacifier clips don’t need to be boring! This is another favorite pattern of mine because it’s both a useful add-on gift AND uses up scraps. The more pacifier clips you have to choose from, the more coordinated your baby’s outfits can be!

Photo and Tutorial By: SeeKateSew

3. Felt Flower Headband

Why not crown your babe (or a friend’s) with flowers like the royalty they are? These are absolutely perfect for a newborn photo shoot and you can choose the colors of felt based on what their outfit will be!

Photo and Tutorial By: Rebecca Page

2. Boho Baby Romper

Whether it’s for an event, family photo shoot, or just to wear out, this bohemium inspired baby romper fits the bill. It has a vintage feel to it with the lace detail and it’ll keep baby cool on the hottest day.

Photo and Tutorial By: SeeKateSew

1. Grow-With-Me Oversized Baby Blanket

This is my all-time favorite, sew-for-all-mamas baby blanket. It’s so simple and everyone I’ve ever given it to loves it! You simply take 2 pieces of 1 meter of flannel and sew the fronts together leaving a 4-5″ gap, flip it inside out, iron and top stitch it. It’s perfect for at the hospital, for use in the nursery and stroller, and even to cover mom when feeding! It’s versatile and because it’s oversized, it can be used well into the toddler years. I always match the fabric colors to baby’s nursery theme so it blends in well – something I’ve been told is really appreciated by many of my friends who’ve received these as gifts!

Photo and Tutorial By: Little House Living